Mr. Walter White vs Mr.Moorthy 

American television world is living in thier golden era. It is lucky that we live in the int9677147749ernet world where anything and everything is accessible to us. Breaking Bad is one of such great series about this chemistry teacher Walter White which is neatly pulled off by Bryan Cranston.

Tamil cinema is getting its own identity through its evergreen ” Low in money, more in content” stratergy. This happens time to time in Tamil cinema whenever fresh blood starts to flow over this industry. One such blood is Sri Ganesh with his debut movie 8 Thottakal .

8 Thottakal had many references from the creators all over the world which director himself reavels in the end credits (Believe me, this is a rare case scenario in our industry). One of those reference is from Walter White who has transformed into Mr.Moorthy by M.S.Baskar.

Similarites on White and Moorthy:

  • They both lead most of thier life as a true and honest proffesional (White as a teacher and Moorthy as a cop).
  • Turning point in these characters takes place once they realise they are infected by cancer.
  • Both did what they did for thier family (Atleast that’s how they justify till the end).

Uniqueness of Breaking Bad:

This whole cult status this series carries is because of White’s character establishment and step by step character development as the series runs.

The creators took thier own time to pull this trick. They literally play with the viewer’s mindset psychologically that you start to break bad with White and you begin to justify him in all his acts. 

This only changes in the 5th season where you start to realise how dangerous White has grown (After the death of Gus Fring). Here too the creators make us realise this as they need that.

Lets not further brag on Breaking Bad and Bryan cranston’s performance as this is already discussed like a million times on internet.

Uniqueness of 8 Thottakal:

When you start to describe the plot of this movie to your friend all you can deliver is, “A investigative crime thriller where a police man looses his gun with 8 bullets in it”.

In this context, you cannot bring Moorthy who himself appears only after 30 minutes in this 120 minute movie. Once he hits the screen he starts to rule as the main plot began to seem as subplot.

Contrast to Breaking Bad, here Moorthy character has no soft establishment. He makes his entry with a bank robbery scene where he shoots a little girl. Adding to this, he goes on to kill both his partners.
Even though the first one is shown as a clear accident and other two had its own reasons, we (audience) refuse to develop a soft spot for this character.

Besides this, his family background is also shown with a less clarity that we start to demand proper back reason for all these.

Now the director comes forward to tell all of this in a single scene, single conversation. This scene is completely turned into a magic by the performance of our own M.S.Baskar

He cries, laughs in pity, feels guilty and raises in agony in this one scene. He totally shoulders this great responsiblity of convincing the whole theatre.

As a ardent Breaking Bad fan, I felt the whole justification done here and was literally waiting for the famous ” I did it for me” dialogue. Which was also rightly positioned in the climax.

Kudos to the creator Sri Ganesh, I feel that even Vince Gilligan would have found hard to give justification for this role in a 120 minutes film. You have shown a great amount of maturity in handling the emotions of 60 year old man.

Wishes on all your future projects !!!

பிறநாட்டு நல்லறிஞர் சாத்திரங்கள் 
தமிழ்மொழியிற் பெயர்த்தல் வேண்டும.

We must translate great works from foriegn land into Tamil.

Subramaniya Barathiyar.

Thanks for making your time and mind to read my first blog.

– Kabilan Nedunchezhiyan.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajasekar Rajaram says:

    Heisenberg for Life ❤
    Excellent narration, those who have watched 8 thottakal will be tempted to watch Breaking Bad and those who have watched Breaking Bad already must watch 8 thottakal.
    Atleast a person from India dared to recreate Walter White and MS Bhaskar excelled it with his performance.
    Kudos to the cast and crew 👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anand says:

    Hey kabi, good post !!!
    When you compare both the plays, that both heisenberg or moorthy is so make sense(I never even thought about that), how would you react to life changing(u can say life-ending) situation,they both know they only had a thin thread chance of surviving, which makes them turn from a good regualar family man into a professional thug/gangsta just for bigg $$$..!!
    Money dosent turn any1 to evil, its the time(circumstances) which makes people to do bad…!!
    In both the plots one more unique thing is these two master minds get fcuked by their mate’s.
    Both heisenberg and moorthy would have succeded in what they were (which even the audience want to)… if they both succeded or were not killed… we wont be even thinking of them right now!… director’s touch!!
    Finally, Even if you are great master mind make sure your associates are not stupid$/numskull$.

    Big applause for the cast nd crew of 8 bullets, and a standup salute for MS Baskar… I never knew he can perform this good… but whatever he is always known to me for his role calld Pattaabii…. such an verstaile actor was never show cased till now.. so a big thanks to the director to bring out hidden talents from an actor.
    Good show kabi…keep up !!

    Liked by 1 person

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