Dear Son

This is a letter from a man affected by premature cardiac malfunction due to corporate stress to his soon to be born son.

Dear son,
                    Never settle!!!

Yes, you heard it right. Never settle. May be, I am the father in this whole damn country uttering this word to his son. Never settle. 

There is nothing a called “Tomorrow” when you gonna settle. There are only a thousands of “Today” in your whole life where you are gonna burn yourself for this so called “Tomorrow” to settle.

So, Run son run !!! Never stay in a single place for your whole life time. Keep running. Do not build yourself a home to live , just search for a shelter to stay. Dont stay in those shelters for more than a day. If you do so, it turns into your home. So, run son.

Daily go to new places son, meet new people. Obviously, people are going to leave you one day or other. So, why to settle for “Friends”. Run son. New people are better. They can hurt your trust, but can not damage your feelings. So, run.

Hunt daily and feed yourself. Feed the needy people if you have more than your requirement. Never save for tomorrow.  

“Whenever you feel the fear of not getting a flower, plant a seed for future dont pluck and preserve a flower for tomorrow.”

There are plenty of things this mother earth can offer for your survival. So, there is no necessity in saving for tomorrow. If there goes a day with out a hunt and leaves you starving . Die son. Yes, you have lived enough. Its much better than extending your life by a preserved meal, believe me.

I am leaving to the eternity relaxed that you are in the most peaceful place on this goddamn world, “your mother’s womb”.

Once I go, sooner or later you gonna step into this hell. When you are here, they will force you to pursue this most overrated thing called “life”. Yes, thats when you have to read this letter. 

Listen son, no one here is “Born to win”. Everyone are just born to reproduce thier species, to confirm that human species still lives to one more generation. Then they just fill the space over a time period till the death arrives. Its sick to wait for death son. I am happy that atleast i leave early. 

So son, this is the thing NEVER EVER SETTLE !!! 

"போனதெல்லாம் கனவினைப்போல்  
புதைந்தழிந்தே போனதனால்  
நானும் ஓர் கனவோ?  
இந்த ஞாலமும் பொய்தானோ?"

Whatever went, like a dream,
got buried and was lost in the past,
similarly am I also just a dream,
isn’t this world a lie too?     
- Subramaniya Barathiyar 
Thanks for sparing your time on my blog !!!
- Kabilan Nedunchezhiyan.


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